Migration Of ETNetwork To AWS

The challenge

ETNetwork infrastructure was hosted from one datacenter, with inadequate redundancy and resilience when weighted against their growing customer base and with that the increasing demands on performance, availability and security.  The nature of their business is such that they need to store millions of small files, and this was causing issues for their storage tier.

The business also demanded the highest standards for security, great performance, high availability, scalability and speed to market, and these goals were becoming difficult to achieve with in-house resources.  It was also clear that a partner was needed to help with this digital transformation and to keep that continuous transformation. ETNetwork reached out to Opsio because of their status as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and their unique managed services offering.

The goal had to be to secure and grow the ETNetwork business, and to use the AWS global network and their nordic presence with datacenters in Sweden to achieve this.


The solution


As per Opsio’s strong culture of DevOps, everything we created for ETNetwork was deployed using CloudFormation.  We achieved a flexible, redundant and complete infrastructure by developing separate CloudFormation templates for the core infrastructure, another for the continuous integration/continuous deployment pipeline for Code Commit and Code Build and lastly a template for the tasks running in AWS’s managed Container service, ECS.

The Results 

Managed Support

Now that ETNetwork’s Kwick solution has been migrated into the AWS cloud, they are able to take advantage of Opsio’s talented and experienced resources as part of the managed service. ETNetwork now have access to AWS certified technicians to monitor and manage their platform 24/7, with fast response times whenever intervention is required, and as per the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

ETNetwork also have access to CloudOps and DevOps engineers who ensure continued use of automation and continuous optimization of the platform. And all of this is managed by a dedicated Service Delivery Manager, which works closely with the client to ensure their business flourishes as a result of a well delivered managed cloud service.

Cost Effectiveness

As existing environment was running in an hosted VMware environment without autoscaling possibilites Opsio where able to decrease the monthly cost by 30% by following AWS Well Architected Framework.


ABOUT The Company

ETNetwork are the company behind the revolutionary new digital receipt application, Kwick. Based in Sweden, and serving the whole Nordic area, the company has experienced huge growth, with many more merchant and corporate partners joining the technical revolution created around the Kwick application.

Their technologies reach from capturing digital receipts from smart credit and debit cards, all the way to helping amusement parks cut their paper consumption by 80% and increasing user’s convenience by deploying paperless technology for the park guests.

In Sweden alone, 60,000 trees are cut down every year to fulfil the demand for paper receipts. ETNetwork saw the opportunity presented, whereby they could help cut the environmental impact of this, and to increase the efficiency of businesses at the same time. Since the Swedish tax agency’s decision to accept digital receipts as of December 2013, the time was right for ETNetwork to facilitate the positive change they wanted to see.

Their mission is to provide high value services around transactions and have a positive effect on the environment.



Opsio were the obvious choice for ETNetwork to use as their cloud architecture partner because of our rich culture of DevOps and reputation for working with high-profile clients who depend on Opsio-built solutions for their line of business applications every day.

Being one of the more established cloud solutions organizations, Opsio understands what is important to businesses, and has the ability to shape technology solutions around business problems – not the other way around. The Opsio team are able to work with client organizations at all levels to help project manage, resource, deploy and test solutions. ETNetwork needed a partner to work with who could deliver a full solution.