AWS Cost Optimization

Opsio helps you optimize your clouds in AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness. We can show that companies generally spend 35% too much in the cloud

AWS Cost Optimization

Cloud services make it quick and easy to commission resources, with the chance the costs will go away. There can be a lot of money lost in underused infrastructure, old backups or forgotten and used resources. Contact us today and we will help your business with AWS Cost Optimization

We can show that organizations spend up to 35% on average, in the cloud on wrong services, wrong resource choices and overcapacity, etc. In order to save money, you need to know exactly what you have and what you need, how it is used and when it is used while adapting to the increased demands of agile and fast-changing technology.

Opsio is an AWS Consulting Partner that helps you control your usage, create visibility across all services, and optimize your aws costs in the cloud.


Whether you’re looking to migrate to the cloud, or already are in the cloud looking for operation or cost optimization, we’re here to help. Contact us today and we can help your business succeed.

Amazon Web Services points to four basic pillars for AWS cost optimization in the cloud:

Cloud Cost Optimization

Right dimensions

Having the right resources for their services is nothing new, but when the complexity of services and the number of choices increases, it is also harder to dimension correctly. For example, AWS offers over 60 different variants of server instances to choose from, which creates the opportunity to choose the right one to suit your business needs, but at the same time increases the risk of over-or under-allocation of resources, add a resource requirement that varies over time and the equation becomes even more complicated.

Save with reserved resources

Using Reserved Instances can generate big savings over time compared to on-demand resources, but even here, choices need to be made. What services and systems are appropriate to reserve resources for? What sizes of instances are needed? Will the need to change over time? With the wrong choice there is a risk that what seems to save money in the end costs more.

Increase flexibility

Services should be used when needed, as needed and with the appropriate resources. Through automation and scaling up / down, resources can be changed to fit the current, services are turned off or removed when not in use as well as starting or creating when needed. Cloud services like AWS and Azure create these opportunities but require you to have full insight to be able to fully utilize it to its full potential.

Promote responsibility

Understanding what costs money is important in all activities and with the right working methods and underlying systems, cloud services like AWS can help. By knowing, for example, which department, group, system or application that charges cloud costs, your entire business can work to have an optimized cloud environment and predict your costs.

Detecting where cost reductions can be made is the first step, action is then needed to turn the detections into real life savings. Opsio helps you go beyond disposable measures to save money in an effective way of working to maximize returns on your investments. By implementing policies and rules for aws cost management and optimization, you will receive reports with suggestions for improvements and changes or allow changes to be made immediately by automation.

Are you interested in AWS Cost Optimization? Contact us today and we will help you to reduce your AWS Costs.

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