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Once an enterprise embarks on cloudification journey, the next important thing to consider is cloud migration. Migrating an enterprise’s applications to cloud is a process both lengthy and complicated. Enterprises must decide on the applications they wish to move to the cloud and must also be cognizant of the risks involved. Establishing the right deployment topology and architecture is also key to the cloud migration process. Ensuring smooth cloud migration to cloud, without compromising on the performance of an application, must be an important consideration in the cloud migration process.

Build Service emphasizes on Cloud architecture and deployment strategy taking into consideration cloud migration requirements, integration into existing technology and application environments, virtualization, networking and storage needs, automation and workflow. Some of the common strategies adopted for Cloud Build phase are described below.


Whether you’re looking to migrate to the cloud, or already are in the cloud looking for operation or cost optimization, we’re here to help. Contact us today and we can help your business succeed.
Host Cloning
It is cloning the Operating System image and typically one-time migration. Generally used for migrating light-weight/loosely coupled or stand-alone applications.
App Containerization
An OS-level virtualization method for deploying and running distributed applications. Tools like Kubernetes, Docker & native tools like Code Build & Deploy orchestrate this process.
VM Conversion
Converts Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) into AWS recognizable format. The data is transferred via API.

Migration Service
emphasizes on creating a plan on how organizations approach migrating each of the applications in their portfolio and in what order. The complexity of migrating existing applications varies, depending on the architecture and existing arrangements but the strategy remains same irrespective of the outcome. The 6 most common migration strategies (“The 6 R’s”) followed are:

Sometimes referred as “lift-and-shift” to cloud without much ado.
Sometimes referred as “lift-doodle-and-shift”. E.g. Moving from on-prem DB to Amazon RDS without changing the core functionality.
Moving to a different product with some customization to the workloads. E.g. CRM to, HR systems to Workday or CMS to Drupal.
Re-imagining how the application is architected and developed, typically using cloud-native features
Get rid of it.
Usually this means “revisit” or do nothing (for now).

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